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About us

    Dr. Martin Genov is a certified plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon creating masterpieces through precision and respect to every detail. He possesses refined sensitivity towards beauty and satisfied patients from Bulgaria and abroad testify for his flawless work.

    He graduated from the Medical University in Sofia, Bulgaria with a Masters degree in Medicine and Medical Management. Dr. Genov has showed the perfect union of professional talent and profound expertise in some of the most prominent plastic surgery dedicated hospitals in Bulgaria and abroad.

   He is the first Bulgarian fellow at the largest private hospital in Northern Europe exclusively for plastic surgery - Akademikliniken, Stockholm, Sweden, under the guidance of the world renowned Professor Per Heden. Dr. Genov did a fellowship in aesthetic plastic surgery in Villa Bella Clinic, Salo, Italy - one of the most advanced cosmetic-surgery-dedicated clinics in Europe. He practiced there under the supervision of Prof. Giovanni Botti, who was the first and longtime President of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He teamed up with one of the most renowned British reconstructive and aesthetic surgery consultants during his work in St. Andrews Center for Plastic Surgery and Burns - Broomfield Hospital, UK.

     Dr. Genov proved his professionalism, dedication and attitude in some of the leading hospitals in Bulgaria - UMBAL "Alexandrovska" and UMBALSM "Pirogov" and in the past two years alongside his colleagues has been involved in the development of the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery of UNI Hospital, Panagurishte, Bulgaria

    From the beginning of 2017 Dr. Genov consults and operates at the Medical Center for Plastic Surgery "Dr. Nikolai Georgiev".

     Beauty encompasses every single aspect of dr. Genov’s life. He nurtures and develops his precision and perfection also in his leisure time, through his hobbies which enhance his passion for detail. He is a lively fan of culinary, diving and underwater photography, and his actions and accomplishments there are toward the pursue of beauty in everything. Combining art, science and philosophy is the secret of dr. Martin Genov’s work, driven by his innovative thinking and desire to improve man’s life and growth.