315 Tsar Boris III Blvd.
Sofia 1619, Bulgaria


Payment method:
You are required to make a deposit (BGN 2,000 for procedures involving implants and BGN 500 for other procedures) in order to reserve the operation date. 
Payments may be made in the following manner:
• Via bank transfer
• In cash
• Via bank card 
The deposit is refundable only if the operation has been cancelled for medical reasons!
Final payment must be made three business days before the operation via bank transfer. If you prefer to pay in cash, this may be made on the day of the intervention, prior to its performance.
For amounts exceeding BGN 10,000! According to the amendments made to the VAT Act, valid as of January 2016, where the total amount payable for your operation exceeds BGN 10,000, payment must be made in full and only by bank transfer (up to three days before the scheduled date) or by bank card. Kindly bring the relevant bank transfer order on your arrival at the clinic.
When paying via bank card, please confirm that your daily limit allows the respective transaction.  
Bank details:
Account holder: МЦПХ д-р Н. Георгиев ЕООД
Bank: UniCredit Bulbank
IBAN: BG88 UNCR 7630 1077 0981 02
Indicate your full name and the date of your operation as ‘payment details’. Kindly notify us at 02 957 11 08 when you have made your payment.