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Body Nevus Removal

Nevus Removal

Nearly everybody has nevi on their skin. The greater number of the nevi  are small and difficult to notice, but there are some which, because of their type and size, cause discomfort and disfigure the good look of the skin. The nevus can be ulcerated and cause a medical problem, if it is on a part of the body exposed to friction with clothes or jewellery. If a nevus has changed its initial color or form, if it bleeds because of injury or because it has been partially removed inadvertantly, it is preferable to make an appointment for a consultation by dermatologist.


Before having an intervention for nevus removal, we would recommend having a consultation by specialist in dermatology with whom you could discuss the options for excision, because not all nevi are subject to removal.   The early and proper diagnosing is extremely important before the removal, and you will discuss this with Dr. Nikolay Georgiev, from whom you will receive the complete information about the methods of nevus removal. 

» What is a nevus?

Nevi, or as they are called in medicine melanocytic nevi, are pigment spots on the skin, which appear as a result of the increased number of melanocytes in the upper layer of the epidermis. The main factor, predetermining the presence of nevi, is heredity
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» Methods of nevus removal

There are two methods of nevus removal applied at the clinic of Dr. Georgiev: ablation and surgical excision.  


Ablation is a radiofrequency electrosurgery method of nevus removal  and generally this is burning of the nevus
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» Nevus Removal€50 - €100