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Face Facelift


Our face is our most visible feaure, one that through expression and appearance conveys what and how we feel. Facial aging includes a loss of skin elasticity and firmness, sagging tissue and wrinkles. These visible signs of aging can greatly impact how we feel about ourselves and how others see us. Even a person who is energetic and excited about life can appear tired or sad due to aging in the midface, jaw line and neck. The loss of youthful contours in these areas is due to a variety of factors including heredity, gravity, environmental conditions and stress.
If you are bothered by the signs of aging in your face, a facelift may be right for you. In general, a facelift corrects sagging facial skin and muscles, removes excess fat and restores firmness to create a more youthful, rested and vibrant appearance.

This brochure presents an overview of facelift through plastic surgery. The best way to learn how a facelift can help fulfill your personal goals is a consultation with a plastic surgeon..

» What is a facelift?

A facelift, technically know as rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure to improve visible signs of aging in the face and neck.

Sagging in the midface can create a deep crease below the lower eyelid (called a tear trough) and between the nose and mouth (nasolabial fold) that may make you appear tired and sad
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» Where do I begin?

A consultation with your plastic surgeon is the first step to learn how a facelift can improve an aging face and neck. A consultation is designed to fully educate you about facelift in a non-pressured environment, and will include:


  • A discussion of your goals and an evaluation of your current
    signs of aging
  • The options available to you for facelift and facial rejuvenation
  • The likely outcomes of a facelift and the potential risks and
    complications associated with the procedure
  • The course of treatment recommended by your plastic surgeon


Your plastic surgeon will also answer all of your questions
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» Evaluation

Overall health and personal outlook can greatly impact the outcome of a facelift. These will be carefully evaluated in consultation with your plastic surgeon. The success of your procedure, safety and overall satisfaction require that you:

  • Openly share your expectations
  • Fully disclose health history, current medications, the use of vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drugs
  • Commit to precisely following all of your plastic surgeons instructions

» Safety

By making the decision to consult with a plastic surgeon and following all the instructions given, you are taking an important step in assuring your safety.
Your plastic surgeon should have completed surgical training and examinations in plastic surgery which uniquely qualifies them to perform cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the face and entire body
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» Types of facelift

A facelift is a highly individualized procedure. Your plastic surgeon will evaluate your skin, muscle and bone structure and the specific conditions that contribute to your aging appearance. These factors are the most significant considerations in determining the appropriate technique or combination of procedures to best achieve your realistic goals
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» Preparing for surgery

Your plastic surgeon will carefully explain the facelift procedure you will undergo. Prior to your procedure, you will be given specific instructions that may include:


  • Pre-surgical considerations, diagnostic testing and medications
  • Day of surgery instructions and medications
  • Specific information related to the use of anesthesia


In addition, you will be asked to sign consent forms to assure your plastic surgeon that you fully understand the procedure you will undergo and any risks and potential complications
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» Following surgery

Once your procedure is completed, a bandage will gently be placed around your face to minimize swelling and bruising. A thin tube may be present to drain any excess blood that may collect under the skin
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» Progress and healing

Initial healing will include swelling and may include numbness and discomfort that can be controlled with medication. Your skin will likely look bruised or discolored. In addition, facial movements may be temporarily restricted
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» Results

It may take several months for swelling to fully dissipate and up to 6 months for incision lines to mature. Life-long sun protection will help to maintain your rejuvenated appearance by minimizing photo-aging or sun damage
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€ 4000-8500



Neck lifting

€ 3000-5000