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Body Labiaplasty


The labiaplasty might include reconstruction of the Labia Minora and Labia Majora, clitoral hood reduction and clitoral hoodectomy.


» Anatomy relevant to labia surgery

To discuss cosmetic labia surgery and the various methods by which labiaplasty (labioplasty) can be performed, one must have some familiarity with the anatomy of normal female external genitalia. This is well depicted in the following figure, with the important features labeled: Read more

» Various Forms of Labiaplasty

Confusion occasionally arises in the use of the word "labiaplasty" (also spelled "labioplasty") because, as a general term, it can imply different forms of genital surgery. For example, there are two different labiaplasty methods for reduction of the labia minora (D
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» Labiaplasty for the Labia Minora (Inner Lips of the Genitals)

Surgical reduction of the labia minora


This (by far the most frequently requested form of labiaplasty) is the procedure that reduces the size or length of the labia minora, and it is the method we shall discuss in greatest detail
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» Surgery of The Clitoral Hood

Clitoral Hood Reduction (Labiaplasty of The Clitoral Hood) 

This procedure reduces the projection and visibility of the clitoral hood ("Prepuce of clitoris" in Fig
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» Labiaplasty for the Labia Majora (Outer Labial Lips)

Objectionably Large, Unequal or Wrinkled Outer Labial Lips, surgically defining the "Cameltoe" 

The choices for labia majora labiaplasty include either labia majora reduction or labia majora augmentation, depending upon a patient's concerns
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» Conclusion

Hopefully, this brief discussion of the various "labiaplasty" procedures serves not only to provide you adequate understanding of the several labiaplasty options, but also prepares you for a careful surgical examination during your initial consultation followed by a frank "to the point" discussion of the exact results you would like see
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» Labiaplasty1400 - 1700 €