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Breasts Pectoral implants

Pectoral implants

Pectoral Implant surgery is usually associated with men who wish to improve the masculinity of their chests. The Pectoral Implant procedure is used to enhance the look of the chest as well as increasing the size. It is usually required when men find it hard to achieve this result naturally through exercise or weight lifting. It can also be used as a solution when men do not want to put all the work in to gain the required result. Other reasons why men may have this surgery can be caused by specific disorders or conditions which may affect the chest muscles; you may also have experienced an accident which left your chest affected. Many men find that having Pectoral implants will boost their self confidence, and will increase their quality of life.


Pectoral implants are used for aesthetic and reconstructivesurgery for the following reasons:


  • Augmentation
  • Contour correction
  • Reconstruction, e.g. after trauma
  • Poland Syndrome
  • Implant exchange


The implants can be positioned submuscularly or over the muscles in a specially created pocket. (Fig. 1)



The final result:




One such relatively short and gentle manipulation with short recovery period can significantly improve your self-esteem.


» Pectoral implants€ 3900,00