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Body Hymenoplasty


A typical hymenoplasty usually requires that the remains or remnants of woman’s torn hymen be sewn back together.


The hymenoplasty procedure is often used by some women in an effort to regain their virginity. Although this procedure will not make any woman a virgin again, there will be blood loss and pain when the hymen is broken again. Also, because the vaginal walls are tightened during the hymenoplasty procedure, this procedure may result in heightened sexual pleasure experience for some women.

Due to reasons other than intercourse, such as vigorous exercise or tampon insertion, the hymen becomes torn or ruptured. Under such circumstances, many women want their hymen reconstructed, which can be accomplished through a hymenoplasty.


The operation is recommended for:


  • Women who have had children and want to surprise their partners
  • Victims of rape
  • Women whose hymens have ruptured over the course of their lives
  • Women who are from cultures or ethnic backgrounds that consider intact hymens as proof of virginity
  • Women who are about to get married
  • Women who want to feel young again


The procedure doesn’t have a long recovery period. It has been stated that depending on the individual and the type of procedure involved, recovery can take anywhere from a few days to as much as 6 weeks. The stitches that are used during this process are dissolvable. After the operation there are no visible signs of surgery.

 After the recovery, the hymen will be in exactly the same state that it was in prior to its rupture although the woman may find that the vaginal walls are also tighter than before. When the woman has sexual intercourse following the recovery, the hymen will rupture. A certain amount of bleeding as a result is expected.  

The best part is that no one has to know that you opted for it. 


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