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Body Laser lipodystrophy

Laser lipodystrophy

Everybody dreams about a well-built, harmonious  and tight body. Sometimes, no matter how much we strive, this is not enough, and even though we are approaching the aim, we are not in a condition to reach it.


Plastic surgery is constantly seeking new options to perfect the methods for building the contour of the body. One of the recent innovations for reducing fat and cellulitis is laser lipodystrophy.  Lipodystrophy has become the preferred method of the aesthetic medicine because of its effectiveness and short  recovery period.


If you are exacting about your outer appearance and want to sculpture the contour of your body, to reduce the unwanted centimeters of  your figure,  to tighten your skin and to reduce cellulitis, then laser lipodystrophy is the suitable procedure for you.  

» What is a laser lipodystrophy

Laser lipodystrophy is a surgical method to break the adipose  cells by applying laser energy.  Contemporary lasers, which are often used for liposuction, are constructed in a way to: maximally facilitate the elimination of the unwanted  fatty tissue; specify the spot of the destruction of the fatty depots; improve the homeostasis and assist the tightening of the skin
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» Preoperative care

After the operation is over tight underwear and elastic bandages will be put on the spots treated. They help reducing the oedema and adapting the skin to the new contour  of the body. Before discharge from the clinic you will be given specific instructions to:


  • change of the dressing on the 3rd postoperative day
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» Progress and healing

The initial healing process is accompanied by the following indispositions: oedema, numbness, pain, bruising and discomfort, which are successfully controlled with medications and post-operative rehabilitation
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» Results

The initial results will show  after the first month, but the final result will be visible within 6 months after the operation. The effect achieved depends heavily on the individual metabolism
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