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Body Thickening of penis

Thickening of penis

Thickening of pennis using own adipose tissue


Men’s dissatisfaction with the size and form of the pennis affects not only their physical fitness but also the establishment of full-fledged intimate relationship. The possibilities to overcome this obstacle are limited both due to the men’s uneasiness to comment this issue and their hesitation to seek medical assistance and undergo a surgical intervention.


The bloodless procedures in plastic and aesthetic surgery offer new possibilities not only for women, who have been the privileged patients so far, but now also for men, who can courageously “trust” a plastic surgeon.


The information given below will give you a general idea about the procedure of pennis thickening using own adipose tissue. However, the best way to learn how to achieve your goals and satisfy your wishes is by consulting a plastic surgeon.

» Where do I begin?

The consultation with your plastic surgeon is the first step, which you should undertake, before undergoing a pennis thickening surgery. During the consultation, you should be informed of all possibilities, related to your specific case
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» Assessment

The overall health status and the out appearance may significantly influence the result of the procedure. They will be assessed and taken into consideration by your surgeon at the consultation. For a successful procedure and overall satisfaction from it, you should do the following:


  • Share your expectations
  • Disclose details about your health, the adoption of medicines, the use of medicines, vitamins, herb-based substitutes, spirits, cigarettes and drugs
  • Follow strictly the instructions of your surgeon

» Important preconditions

By taking a decision to consult a plastic surgeon and follow his tips and recommendations, you actually ensure your own safety and the success of the procedure. Your plastic surgeon should have completed his surgical training and should have majored in plastic surgery, which would allow him/her to perform both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the face and the rest of the body
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» What does the manipulation involve?

The surgical equipment, used for this type of procedure, is a combination of liposuction of a body part, chosen by the doctor. Around 50-60 ml of adipose tissue is taken from the specific zone, in combination with growth factors and stem cells
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» Preparing for surgery

Your plastic surgeon will carefully explain the procedure to you. Before the very operation you will be given specific instructions, including:


  • Pre-operative instructions, diagnostic tests and medicines
  • Instructions and medicines for the surgery day
  • Specific information, related to the anesthesia


You will be asked to sign a form, assuring your surgeon that you are fully aware of the treatment, which you will undergo, the possible risks and potential complications
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» Recovery

The recovery consists of 3 stages:


  • 1st stage: it is possible to experience light stinging effect and discomfort and a feeling of stretching of the penis skin from the 24th to 72nd hour;
  • 2nd stage: The discomfort disappears between the 72nd hour and the 7th day
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» Thickening of penis€ 1500 - 1800