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Face Plasmotherapy PRP

Plasmotherapy PRP

Plasmatherapy (Platelet Rich Plasma/PRP), also known as „vampire facelifting" is a revolutionary new system for renewing the damaged and prematurely aged skin through the application of one's own plasma. The therapy is based on the ability of the natural healing forces of human organism to slow down the process of growing old of the skin. After the respective processing of the blood plasma it is injected in the specifically determined sites in the derma, where there is need of nutrition, hydration, rejuvenating and stimulating the collagen. The plasma rich in platelets contains „growth factors" - proteins, which help the quick restoration of the wounded tissue or the damaged and withered skin.

» What is the technology of the PRP procedure ?

A small quantity of venous blood (around 8-10 ml) is taken from the patient and is put in a special small tube with a dividing gel specially for the purpose. The blood is centrifuged, so that it can be divided into poor in platelets plasma, red blood cells (erythrocytes) and white blood cells (leukocytes)
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» What is the mechanism of activity?

The plasma is injected in the middle or deep layers of the derma, where the platelets release their growth factors. The growth factors on their part stimulate other cells around the site of the injection, causing an increase of their volume
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» When is the PRP therapy suitable?

The PRP plasmatherapy is suitable for withered, thinned or slightly flabby skin, for fine lines and wrinkles, and after continuous exposure to sun. The plasma rich in platelets, which is an original blood component, is famous for its effective application for the treatment of burns and injuries of the skin
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» Which zones may be treated?

The PRP therapy may be applied to the patient's face especially around the eyes, the mouth and the nose, as well as to the neck and the neck opening, so that a more youthful and radiant appearance of the skin may be given
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» Results

The effect of the plasmotherapy is highly individual and depends on age, lifestyle and hereditary predisposition of the patient. In general, the initial result can be observed around three weeks after the procedure
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€ 310,00

Neck and neck opening

€ 310,00

Face, neck and neck opening

€ 450,00


€ 310,00