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Transplantations (growing) of hair Therapies for hair strengthening and against hair loss

Therapies for hair strengthening and against hair loss

Comprehensive hair care


In addition to the main procedure in which we specialize, i.e. hair transplantation, Dr Nikolay Georgiev Medical Centre for Plastic Surgery offers comprehensive hair care to help clients achieve best results prior to, during and after the transplantation procedure. This includes:


  1. Hair growth vitamins;
  2. Scalp care products;
  3. Plasmotherapy – therapy involving plasma or a combination of plasma and hyaluronic acid;
  4. Cutting-edge follicle stimulation and growth reactivation methods – mesotherapy with growth-promoting products and next-generation hair fillers;
  5. Hair physiotherapy – red light scalp treatment employing wavelengths which stimulate hair growth.


What is mesotherapy?


Mesotherapy involves the use of multiple intradermal or subcutaneous injections to administer small doses of medicinal products, vitamins, homeopathic products, cosmetic cocktails, etc., into a specific area.


During the procedure superficial pin pricks are made, each at a depth of 0.5 – 0.6 mm, employing very thin needles (syringes or special mesotherapy guns). The pricks are numerous, up to several dozen, with the aim of achieving uniform distribution of the product under the skin.


The derma, the middle skin layer, is rich in capillaries, receptors, collagen fibres and pigment cells – all the elements responsible for healthy and youthful appearance of skin and hair.


Mesotherapy allows direct delivery into the derma of peptides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals which normally cannot penetrate the skin or have limited penetration during standard application.


One distinction that is important to note is that mesotherapy is the method of introducing the product in the body and not the name of the product itself. This why any decision to undertake the procedure must be preceded by a consultation during which the right type of product will be determined to best match the client’s individual needs.


Dr Nikolay Georgiev Medical Centre for Plastic Surgery uses cutting-edge mesotherapy products of highest quality, safety and efficiency to stimulate hair growth, namely:


  1. XL Hair – fillers containing non-crosslinked highly absorbent hyaluronic acid, the hydrating and stimulating action of which is further boosted by a biorevitalising solution. The product is injected into the dermis of the head, eyebrows or pubis and has a pronounced restructuring, hydrating and biostimulating effect in cases of hair loss.
  2. DR CUJ – the first hair filler which stimulates hair grown and promotes scalp regeneration. The product contains 7 peptides and 0.7% hyaluronic acid and boasts an innovative mechanism for slow (14 days) release of peptides.


The two products can be administered to both male and female clients to treat hair loss, balding and thinning hair. As per protocol, 4 procedures are required to achieve optimum effect, applied at 10- to 14-day intervals.


Hair physiotherapy

Dr Nikolay Georgiev Medical Centre for Plastic Surgery offers hair physiotherapy using Low Level Laser Therapy.


How does it work?


Laser hair therapy decreases the production of dihydrotestosterone in the skin and thus reduces hair loss in cases of hereditary baldness while at the same time increasing the concentration of nitrogen oxide (which has vasodilating action) thus increasing blood flow to the scalp.


The hair growth cycle consists of 3 distinct stages – growth phase (anagen), transitional phase (telogen) and hair shedding phase (catagen). The therapy increases the production of energy substances which help boost metabolism and transformation of hair follicles from catagenic and telogenic into anagenic, which, in turns, results in thickening of the hair.


What does the therapy involve?


A diode helmet is employed emitting red light with a wavelength of 630 – 670 nanometres, perfectly harmless for the human body. Usually 3 procedures per week are required, over a period of 12 to 26 weeks, following which hair loss is reduced and hair begins to thicken. The therapy may be used independently or as a stimulating procedure following hair transplantation.


What are the benefits?


Laser therapy promotes hair regrowth in cases of hereditary baldness in both men and women. The method is perfectly safe, reasonably affordable, painless and efficient.


Hair therapy prices:


XL Hair – BGN 150 (per session)

4-session package – BGN 550

DR CUJ – BGN 350 (per session)

4-session package – BGN 1300


PRP with hyaluronic acid – EUR 350

Hair physiotherapy “Low Level Laser Therapy” – BGN 35 (per session)

36-session package – BGN 1008