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Face Transplantations (growing) of hair

Transplantations (growing) of hair

The transplantation of hair (hair grafting) in the Plastic Surgery "Dr. Nikolay Georgiev" is made in the following areas: hair, sideburns, beard, eyebrows, etc. The desired result and the methods by which it can be achieved, as well as the cost of the procedure, shall be discussed during the consultation.

You can make an appointment for your free consultation concerning hair transplantation at: +359 2 957 11 08.




Hair transplantation up to 500 grafts

€ 1500

Hair transplantation from 500 to 1000 grafts

€ 2200

Hair transplantation above 1,500 grafts

€ 2,800

PRP of the scalp

€ 300

Hair therapy prices

XL Hair (per session)

150 BGN

- 4-session package

550 BGN

DR CUJ (per session)

350 BGN

- 4-session packag

1300 BGN


€ 300

PRP with hyaluronic acid

€ 350

Hair physiotherapy “Low Level Laser Therapy” (per session)

35 BGN

36-session package

1008 BGN