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Labiaplasty for the Labia Majora (Outer Labial Lips)

Objectionably Large, Unequal or Wrinkled Outer Labial Lips, surgically defining the "Cameltoe" 

The choices for labia majora labiaplasty include either labia majora reduction or labia majora augmentation, depending upon a patient's concerns.

Most recent public attention has focused on surgery to alter the size or the appearance of the labia minora, and little has been stated about surgery to improve the appearance of wrinkled labia majora or labia majora that appear too large, uneven or too long. This is unfortunate, because the current trend toward "cleanly shaven" female genitalia, and social recognition of the feminine, so called, "cameltoe" has also exposed the labia majora to far greater scrutiny. Some women become self-conscious about the "look" of their labia majora and, hence, request either surgical reduction (to make the labia majora smaller, "tighter" and more balanced) or, alternatively, augmentation (to enlarge or "fill up" their "deflated” and wrinkled labia majora).

While these labia reduction procedures all fall under the term labiaplasty, they are not offered by every labiaplasty surgeon due to the special plastic surgical skills are required for some of the necessary techniques. If the labia majora (and frequently the adjacent pubic area) are bulging because of excessive fat (to the point of producing an unattractively large "cameltoe") liposuction and frequently the removal of excess labia majora or pubic skin is performed. On the other hand, when wrinkled labia majora are the problem and they are lacking sufficient tightness or fullness (creating a poorly defined "cameltoe"), skin tightening and, possibly, fat transfer into the deflated and wrinkled labia majora may be required.

The selection of technique is usually determined during the initial consultation, but in some cases can be made in advance, by assessing photographs submitted by the prospective patient. The costs associated with labiaplasty of the labia majora obviously must depend upon the method of surgery necessary. My fee is usually determined during my first visit with a patient, but, if photos have been submitted, the fee can also be provided in advance.